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These are some pretty random questions I have answered on Quora, which is an interesting Q&A platform.  I have listed some of my more (suprisingly) popular responses first, starting at over 11.5k views and over 270 upvotes on the first one. 

Update: As of 3/15, I am up to over 29,000 views and 440 upvotes. Holy cow!
Update: As of 4/10, I am up to 46,000 views and 499 upvotes!  Good grief. How do I get all of these people to my YouTube Channel? I am working to figure that out I can tell you!

 Click each question to view my corresponding answer on Quora.


Contact me by email if you have a question you would like me to answer. I may answer directly via email, on this page or I may write an entire blog on the subject. I won't ever share your name unless you want me to. If we agree to share your name, I will gladly promote you with a professional reference if you want one.


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