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Pan's Playground - An Adult Costume, Toy & Novelty Boutique

I want real clothing that looks great when properly assembled for a costume or any occasion I want something a bit eccentric, unique or eye-catching.  I am nowhere near finished creating my land of myths, magic, and play (wink, wink) so be sure to keep checking back.

We are trending toward an adult audience and intend to roll with that with the addition of Pan's Adult Toy Box. Our strange and interesting human sexuality is definately something many people need support with. Stay tuned, as there are additional logistics that must be ironed out first to make the Toy Box live.

Looking toward the future, watch for new private collections featuring various local artists and collectors. This part of the boutique is going to be very cool also. Check out the Pirate Booty Collection now.

Please like, follow and share the Pan's Playground Facebook page . This is a small, woman owned business that opened in August of 2018, so help me spread the word! Once effectively geared up, I plan to do many contests, promotions and give-aways. Why you ask? Because it will be fun. 

Pan's Playground Private Group, an adult discussion forum

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Available for Podcast & Radio Discussion, Casting in YouTube Videos

I can talk for hours about many topics. I am experienced in public and professional speaking. Call me if you are looking for content and easy interviews with a natural-born talker for your particular forum or channel.

Contact me by email to arrange a 30 minute chat anytime. Check me out also on YouTube.

Jessica N. Humphreys, BSN, OM
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